What is Advisory?
 Relationships are fundamental to the learning process both in and out of school. Advisory groups create conditions for improving student achievement and behavior and enrich the lives of students and teachers through personalization of the learning experience. Research demonstrates that enabling students to know well, and be known well by at least one adult in their school leads to improved student outcomes in school. 
Students meet in their advisory groups bi-weekly with a faculty member for approximately 30 minutes. Students will stay in the same Advisory group for the duration of their high school career. The overarching purpose of the Advisory Program at Duxbury High School is to:
  • Develop a connection with an advisor that is characterized by concern, openness, and understanding
  • Experience the Advisory group as a home base within the school
  • Support and be supported by other Advisory group members in discussing common problems and issues
  • Learn problem-solving and/or decision-making skills
  • To develop and review goal setting skills
What are some of the topics that will be covered?
Over the course of four years a number of different topics and activities will be covered. First and foremost, time will be spent getting to know each other. Other academic-focused topics such as time management, college preparation, study skills and test-taking strategies will be covered. School business such as the the student handbook, report cards, and other school-wide announcements will take place during Advisory. Finally, time will be spent on a number of ethnical dilemmas involving topics such as honesty, respect, trustworthiness, and responsibility. that are sure to spark lively discussion.
How are groups created?
The groups are randomly assigned by computer. Each group consists of 12-17 students from the same grade assigned to a staff member. The groups will stay together until graduation.
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