**  The Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is seeking parents of special education students to become officers.  Please consider this very worthwhile and rewarding service for our special education students.  If you are interested please contact SEPAC at the web site listed below.
             Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)
What is the SPED PAC?
The Sped PAC is an autonomous parent organization which collaborates with administrators and educators in our schools and performs in an advisory role relative to special education issues.  Through first hand knowledge and experiences with our own special needs children, we are able to effectively assist other parents and provide informational meetings in support of our unique learners.
Our Mission:
To support, educate, and assist parents to fully understand and effectively participate in the Special Education process.  To develop community support and services necessary for our children to be successful learners.
   2016 - 2017
SEPAC Meetings:
Place: Canty Wing @ Chandler School at 7:00 pm unless stated other wise.
Nov.    14th    Morning Meeting          
Dec.    12th                                         
Jan.     09th    Karen Whitaker, Alden Principal   Erin Weisehahn, Chandler Principal                                   
Feb.    13th    Dr. Tantillo  9:30 am Meeting @ Alden                  
March 13th   Blake Dalton
April   13th   Guidance
May    15th   No Speaker
June    12th   No Speaker
Special Education Parent Advisory Council Board Members:
Co - Chair:       Sara Gilbert
                         Beth Parker
Secretary:       Alycyn Kehoe
Treasurer/Publicity:   Jennifer Magree
School Committee Liaison:   Shannon Moesaa