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March 5th -  the DEF Presents Improv Asylum in Duxbury

“Yes, and…”

            At the core of improvisational comedy is the idea that whatever premise is presented, the participant’s job is to say “Yes, and…” to move the action forward and to allow the next participant to add new information.  Say that the audience suggests a musical about an old woman in a shoe, then the comedians create one on the spot.  If the audience suggests a song about Piping Plovers sung in pop style, the improv team starts singing. 

            Norm Laviolette lives by this credo of “Yes, and….”.  The Duxbury native co-owns Improv Asylum in Boston’s North End, and trains improv students and corporate clients to work with “Yes, and…” .        

The whole idea of“Yes, and…” or improv in general, is to accept whatever is thrown at you, then turn it into a something new and different, says Laviolette, it’s not just saying “Yes”.  The magic, the innovation and the change is in the “and…”.  The “and…” puts ideas into motion.  On a very basic level, think of softball; “Yes, I’m going to catch the ball and I’m going to throw it to first base”.  “Yes, and…” connects ideas and moves them forward. 

“Yes, and…”

Just as Improv Asylum embraces improvisation and innovation, so does the Duxbury Education Foundation (DEF).  In the interest of embracing new ideas, the DEF says “Yes” to innovative programs and projects in the Duxbury Schools “and…” through its grants moves innovation forward for Duxbury students. 


In the past 26 years, the DEF has raised over $1.3 million through its fundraising events and has used those dollars to fund grants for Duxbury teachers who think outside the box and look for ways to expand their curriculum.  Recent grants include funding the development of an outdoor exploratory learning center and the purchase of pottery wheels, steel drums, and robotics kits to enhance the students’ overall learning experience. Also, Duxbury teachers have benefited from DEF grants covering the cost of attendance of professional development workshops and seminars.


“Yes, and…”


You can say “Yes” to supporting the DEF’s mission “and…” enjoy a day of comedy with Boston’s Improv Asylum right here in Duxbury on March 5th.


The DEF’s evening show of Improv Asylum, which is geared towards teens and adults, runs from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. on March 5th at the Duxbury Performing Arts Center. Improv Asylum's show is a combination of improvisation and sketch comedy (think Whose Line is it Anyway? meets Saturday Night Live). Improv Asylum has performed more than 10,000 shows for well over 2 million people. Each show is completely unique and is filled with nonstop hilarity.  Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15 per person or at the door for $20 by clicking here.  


Also, for a younger audience, the DEF presents a children’s show by Improv Asylum at 2 p.m. on March 5th at the Duxbury Performing Arts Center (PAC.)  This show is specifically designed for elementary school aged children.  Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5 per person (with a cap of $25 per family).


“Yes, and…”

“Yes”, in addition to the DEF’s March 5th Improv Asylum event, the DEF also sponsors three other fundraisers annually “and” the dollars raised from these events also fund innovative programs in Duxbury’s schools.  The DEF’s July 4th Road Race draws runners young and old for a traditional 5k run along Duxbury’s scenic shoreline.  DEF supporters enjoy a night of German music and food, bid on amazing silent auction items and take a turn at the wheel of chance at the DEF’s Oktoberfest.  And in November, Duxbury students, faculty and school administrators take to the phones to ask for your support in the DEF’s Answer the Call! annual appeal.


So say “Yes” to supporting the DEF “and…” help us move innovation forward for Duxbury students by attending our March 5th Improv Asylum event or by donating online at or by mail at Duxbury Education Foundation, PO Box 1264, Duxbury MA 02331.