"The Chandler Extended Day Program has far exceeded our hopes and expectations in a myriad of ways.  The patience, love and care that each Chandler Extended Day teacher has shown our children has given us tremendous comfort for the past 6 years between our oldest daughter attending K-2 and now our youngest.  We speak of these teachers fondly at home nightly at the dinner table.  We are so grateful to have been so fortunate to have not only found an affordable option but one of the best options for after school care in Duxbury.  There is no thank you big enough that we can say to the teachers of Chandler Extended Day that could ever capture the true scope of our gratitude.  All the detailed crafting with the kids, energetic and involved gym play, creative artwork subjects and lessons, computer exploration, table games, homework guidance, coat zippering, hat fixing, nose wiping, tear dabbing, band-aiding, socializing, emotion navigating, hugs and high fives are endless.  It's very clear each of the Extended Day teachers have found their true calling, and from the looks on their faces when I pick up my daughters each night, I feel they truly love what they do and appreciate the time with the kids.  I could cry just thinking of leaving Chandler next year."
Ann and Vin Giambertone
"My family's experience with Breakfast Club has been nothing less than fantastic.  My son has received the best care, from dedicated staff who are focused on ensuring that the children are safe, have fun and participate in creative activities.  The availability of assistance on professional development and other half days is very helpful.  Everything is well run, very organized and clearly communicated.  We couldn't ask for more in a program!"
Jennifer Magee
"The Breakfast Club at Chandler is so good that my children constantly ask when they will be going again!  As a working mom who travels occasionally, it is a comfort to see them excited to go here and clamoring for their next visit.  Maureen and the Breakfast Club team make drop-off time a breeze and fill the kid's mornings with fun activities.  It's a safe, warm and welcoming environment.  While my kids would rather me never have a business trip again, they honestly cheer at the mention of Breakfast Club, easing the reality of a working parent."
Ali Alexander
"My daughter has been in Alden Extended Day for two years and still loves it.  Her best school crafts have come not from her art class but from this program: knitted yarn hats, pillows in her designed shapes, unique and very cool clay votives among many others.  She also does homework, gets to play with and know friends of different ages, and exercises in the gym, which are all ideal afterschool activities.  They have also been flexible on time, for which they have the thanks of this working mother!"
Elaine Philbrick