The Early Childhood Team


Erin Wiesehahn, Principal, Chandler School

Sue MacNeil, Assistant Principal, Chandler School

Suzanne Coyle,  Curriculum Supervisor, PS-2 

Amy Holland,  Early Childhood Coordinator/ School Psychologist

Skye Cristoforo,  Early Childhood Teacher
     Melissa Scott, Preschool Assistant
       Monica Chandler, Preschool Assistant 
Heather Ferreira, Early Childhood Teacher

       Candice Buckley, Preschool Assistant

       Doreen DuRoss, Preschool Assistant

Lisa Sisoian,  Early Childhood Teacher 
       Lisa Blout, Preschool Assistant

       Carla Boyle, Preschool Assistant

Jessica Devine, Speech and Language Therapist

Deb Silk, Physical Therapist

Annemarie Jacobson, Occupational Therapist

Roberta Wills, Occupational Therapist Assistant

Christine Cass, Canty Wing Office Assistant

Cristin Mitchell, Canty Wing Office Assistant