Welcome to the Duxbury Public Schools webpage devoted to informing  the community about the school building project.  Here you will  find important dates, announcements, published articles, photos and  supporting documents.
    The Duxbury Public Schools appreciates the ongoing support of the community for public education. With town support in 2001, the renovations and additions at Chandler and Alden elementary schools and the construction of a Performing Arts Center and wastewater treatment plant were approved.  Those projects were completed on time and on budget. In 2009, the town supported the school department's request for a roof replacement project on the older portion of the Chandler School and a feasibility study to determine the most appropriate approach to address the aging conditions of Duxbury Middle School and Duxbury High School. Those projects were completed on time and on budget.  Based on the findings of the feasibility study and subsequent work by the School Building Committee, a proposal for schematic design of a new, co-located middle school and high school was approved by the voters in March 2011.  In the fall of 2011, voters approved final design and construction funds for the new building to be constructed on the site of the existing middle school.  Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2012 for a new building ready for occupancy in the fall of 2014.
   The School  Committee and School Building Committee are grateful to the many dedicated town officials, committees and  volunteers who have worked to develop the most cost-effective, educationally sound school building project for the town of Duxbury.  Working in cooperation with the Massachusetts School Building Authority, Duxbury will receive the highest possible reimbursement rate available to the town.  We invite you to learn more here and attend  an upcoming meeting.  The School Building Committee meets every second and fourth Tuesday at 7:00pm in Room 106 at Duxbury High School.  Dates and location of additional public meetings will be posted as scheduled. Thank you for your continued support of the  Duxbury Public Schools.



 Co-Located Middle & High School 
 Project Description
   The new co-located Middle and High School will be part of the 65+ acre St. George Street campus and will be built in the area behind the existing Duxbury Middle School which is currently comprised of parking lots, a football field and a cinder track.  The School will replace the existing Duxbury Middle School as well as the existing Duxbury High School, which is located across St. George St.  The area of the existing Middle School will be developed with re-organized parking, improved vehicular path of circulation as well as active and passive recreational outdoor space.  The 38-acre high school site will be developed for the replacement of athletic fields displaced on the Middle School site and will include parking, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, as well as a field house with restrooms, team areas, concession area and court for school and community use.
   The requirements of the co-located Middle & High School have been thoughtfully outlined and developed as a result of rigorous and thorough “Visioning” workshops. This “Vision”, developed by the “Futures Committee” under the guidance of Dr. Frank Locker, has clearly expressed the understanding that the task at hand requires the design of two schools, a Middle School serving grades 6 through 8 and a High School, Grades 9 through 12, which may include a “Freshman Academy.” The Schools are to share some central services, and as a combined program, will be treated as a single project.
   The effective adaptation of the Model School components to the specific programmatic requirements of Duxbury’s educational plan was paramount. The Ashland Model High School room organization was developed with “small learning communities” in mind, making it a perfect fit to a high school “Core Plus” learning scheme with a Freshman Academy. The configuration also enables a Middle School Team Learning organization with dedicated Team Areas or variations thereof if desired. This configuration, based on two teams per grade and one grade per floor in a self-contained Middle School wing is well suited to the “Core Plus” model.
   The new building will be made up of four major massing elements:
  • The spine or concourse, which acts as an armature upon which the other elements are arranged.  This is the fundamental organizing element of the model school.
  • The 3 story High School wing which houses typical and specialized High School learning areas as well as High School administration.
  • The 3 story Middle School wing that contains Middle School administration as well as typical and specialized Middle School learning areas arranged in teams, which allows for two teams per grade and one grade per floor.  
  • The 1, 2 and 3 story “core plus” wing which houses shared spaces for athletics, the arts, cafeteria and media center.
   The Performing Arts Center, Library, Cafeteria and Athletic facilities as well as learning spaces for the Arts and Distance Learning are accessible in a controlled and convenient way, which allows for the security of the rest of the facility during “Duxbury Before and After Dark” classes, public events and Life Long Learning as well as any number of other community uses.
   The design provides the possibility of modifying classrooms and other learning spaces in the academic wings on all three floors as needs emerge.
   The design in terms of the building exterior provides an appropriate contextual aesthetic for Duxbury’s campus. The design embraces a holistic approach to a setting that is vibrant but also fragile. The development of the campus in the scale and orientation of its component parts is critical. The design reflects the academic, historic and community spirit of Duxbury as it remains a building of its time. This is an opportunity to celebrate not only a singular New England seaside community rich in culture and history, but also a forward-looking community’s commitment to education.  Duxbury’s commitment is to educate all its children together, first at the Chandler School (Pre-K to 2) where they learn to read, and then on to the St. George Street Campus (3 to 12) where they read to learn.  This unique Campus provides opportunities for children to learn together as they grow from the Alden School to the Middle School to the High School while sharing with the rest of the community the amenities provided on the same campus by the Duxbury Performing Arts Center (PAC), the Duxbury Free Library, the newly renovated Percy Walker Pool, and the iconic Wright Building that houses the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society’s Drew Archives as well as the Duxbury Student Union. These adjacencies as well as the proximity of the Campus to the Ellison Center for the Arts, the Art Complex Museum and Alden House Museum offer students unique cultural opportunities. The location also offers students exceptional opportunities to understand, study and explore their diverse and fragile ecology with its immediate proximity to woodlands, a fresh water pond, salt marsh and the Bluefish River, as well as its very close proximity to Duxbury Bay, Duxbury (barrier) Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. The key element in unifying the campus is the development of the co-located Middle and High School linked to the PAC.
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